Rigate Typeface
Rigate is a tender yet straight script typeface, available in two weights and multiple ligatures. While its main focus lies not on legibility but stylish presentation, this font is tailored for display usage, especially in magazine and book design. Rigate's ranges of use include logotypes, headlines, posters, and editorial design.
Rigate is available on fontshop and gestalten fonts
Rigate Regular test version
Do you know a really beautiful word? Type it with Rigate and like it!
Rigate Light and Regular are vailable on gestalten fonts

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Heel-Special Typeface

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Forza Typeface
Forza is a bold and muscular display typeface, the work of German designer Michael Luther. Inspired by grandiose vehicles and crafts from the 70s and 80s, it has a dynamic and inflated appearance. Its prominent feature is its set of lowercase characters – essentially identical to the capital letters except for a few unique letters such as the "a", "b", "e", "i" and "j" giving the font an energetic and capricious appeal. Available in two weights – regular and italic, Forza is a striking and modern font ideal for titles and headlines in large point sizes and creating logos.
Available at fontshop and gestalten fonts.
Heel Typeface
Freefont: download OpenType

Collection 2010 (840 x 594 mm)